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Planning your big day - Checklist for your ceremony

Actions/Timeframe At least 1 calendar month prior to wedding date; - Lodge Notice of Intention to Marry (NIM) with celebrant - Birth Certificate. Full and certified version and it must be translated into English if originated in a non - English country, by a recognised translator - Final divorce notice if either of the couple have been married before - Deposit Due at time of lodging the NIM - Signing of the statutory declaration (S14) To be completed one week prior to the ceremony - Development of the ceremony – draft supplied by the celebrant - Reading and the names of selected people to do the reading Parental blessing (giving away) & Selection of Witnesses – Must be over 18 years of age Drafts will be sent within one week of lodging the NIM and the ceremony to be finalised one week before the ceremony - Final payment To be received one week prior to the ceremony (and cleared if a cheque) - Rehearsal Optional – if couple so wish And on your wedding day there should be nothing to do but enjoy the day!


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